Tuesday, October 16, 2012

recap... and. go!

Hey friends.

Remember my last post about how my whole life just seemed completely full of unknowns and I was pretty down about it? Well let me tell you... the last few months have been crazy. Crazy wonderful and awesome. And I've been so busy throughout it that I completely forgot to blog, or that I even had a blog.

So there you have it.

Anyway. Let me give you "the tops" (as Lauren would say) of the last few months:

- Jeremiah and I found out what we are doing for the next four to ? months of our lives. It may be vague, but it's something... and I'm thankful for that. We will be living in Iowa City while Jeremiah does clinicals and applies for full time/school packages.
God is so great, because the odds of us ending up back here were slim to none... but what better place to move to for a (possibly) short amount of time? A city where we have wonderful friends, where we've lived before, where we have an awesome church... essentially a city that holds a piece of our hearts.

- If you couldn't derive it from the previous point, Jeremiah came back!

- We went to Nathan and Elena's wedding. So sweet and beautiful, the weather was just perfect. It was also great to see friends.

- We took these sweet engagement pictures.

-WE GOT MARRIED! Who would have thought that the day would finally come? I certainly felt as though it would never happen... but it did. And it was wonderful. And in the end we were married.
Our wonderful photographer took some beautiful pictures. But more on that some other time.

- Moved to Iowa City and started a new job.

So yes. There you have my last three/four months in a real small nutshell. Marriage is great, I'm so blessed that I get to see my best friend (nearly) every day... I'll tell you more about that later too.
Maybe I'll get better at this whole blogging thing. Stay tuned.