Sunday, June 10, 2012

san diego go go!

My trip to San Deigo really was wonderful. I was able to spend four packed days with Jeremiah, which was so needed and refreshing... for both of us really.

In lieu of summarizing my trip I am going to tell you aspects of San Deigo life I am excited about:
- getting to see this guy most days
- City + beach + mountains all at our fingertips.
- General adventures exploring said landscapes.
- The fairly consistent beautiful weather.
- A handful of persian restaurants to discover.
- Access to a world-class zoo.

... And things I learned:
- Apparently it's possible for an airline to overbook passengers for your flight, yet forget to book a crew.
- San Diego is beeeauuutiful.
- Cheetahs can actually be domesticated. And they purr. And their best friends are dogs (well... the ones at the zoo). Have you seen a cheetah kitten?! I could go on...
- I think Raleigh has taught himself how to hibernate when I'm away... nobody sees him, and he tucks himself away in the corner of a closet.

I loved being able to adventure through a city that I will, hopefully soon, call home.

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