Saturday, March 3, 2012

engagement. life.

So I've been wedding planning... ish. It's difficult to plan a wedding when:

a)you're not sure when your wedding will be, although it's looking like july... ish.
b)you've really only spent 36 hours... ish with your fiance since the engagement.
c)the thought of a big party focused on my groom and I freaks me out a little.

(sidenote: we do have a wedding website.... although it's currently lacking in specifics. and I will do my best to update)

As you can see we are lacking in specifics, but that's not to say it hasn't been fun.

Lessons learned?
-- I might advise against compiling a gift registry solely online. Why? Because I have, and we have mostly chosen items that are solely available online.... crap....
-- Choosing wedding colors could quite possibly be the worst thing ever. Why? Because it was. (shakes fist at my indecisiveness) Although I am quite happy with them now, so I suppose it was worth it.
-- I would advise in favor of having my friends. Why? Because they are enjoyable and encouraging. I have had numerous bachelorette parties, as my friends have deemed every night/meal/trip to the mall a bachelorette party.

In the midst of wedding shenanigans, working, and being social, I spend much of my time streaming netflix through my wii and eating california pizza kitchen singles. I live a rich, full life... I know. hah.

chillin' with matthew... or m@ as he likes to write.

And apparently this is what Jeremiah has been up to... hahaha...

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  1. congratulations, Layla! marriage = 10x better than engagement. but enjoy this time, still!