Monday, January 30, 2012

"new" car.

You know the saying "one man's junk is another man's treasure"?
Well sometimes it's just junk.
Well, sort of.

Remember my "new" car that I briefly mentioned? Although it was an old trusty steed to some elderly woman from Shell Rock, it was new shiny green metal freedom to me. But somehow in the last month it has managed to lose some of it's shiny-ness (literally, it was scraped away).

It all started on a very scheduled and stressful day... the day Jeremiah had a one o'clock flight back to Texas. On this fine day (which it was, it's been a great winter) my trunk lock decided to completely crap out on me, with Jeremiah's sea bag in it. Uniforms. Clothes. Everything. Resulting in our having to hire a locksmith to break into said trunk through the back seat. Consequently, half of my back seat currently remains down, which comes in handy if I ever need to grab anything out of my trunk without actually exiting my car.
I have my very own hatchback. Neat.

Then a mere few weeks later some turd, who will remain anonymous (because I have no clue who did it), ran into my car. At work. In the parking lot. Where it was parked in plain sight. This incredibly talented person managed to completely tear off my driver's side mirror, being kind enough to scrape and furrow the side of my car. Like a true champion.

But God is good.
I have actually made some money in this whole ordeal.
Who's the champion now?

Monday, January 23, 2012

the most wonderful time of the year.

Well, nearly a month ago was... better late than never?

Christmas went by in a whirlwind.

Jeremiah came.
Every bit of my family that lives within a 90 mile radius came.
Jeremiah and Matthew got sick on Christmas Eve. Lame.
And oh yeah, I got engaged. Yes, to be married.
No bigs.
It was pretty eventful and wonderful (aside from the plague that beseiged the house). This was the fist Christmas Jeremiah and I have spent together... but being as we were so excited that we actually were able to see each other's faces, we neglected to take many pictures of said faces. Here's a couple...

Precious out.