Sunday, September 25, 2011

i'm begging, darling please...

Some days I wish I could wear this. Maybe in sticker or pin form? Haha....

It honestly doesn't bother me when people do... although it drew far too much attention on the first day of school. For years. A difficult last name combined with a song title.... talk about anxiety for this Layla.

Friday, September 16, 2011

vague and brief.

Yes. I'm not doing a very good job at this blogging thing.
No. I cannot promise that it will get better... but I shall try.

I suppose life has been a bit strenuous... and bustling right on by. A lot has happened, and yet I feel like I am lingering in a phase in life that I'm ready to be done with. Being an adult (and all that it entails) can be arduous... and trusting that it is all a part of God's wonderful plan for me can be... challenging? Sure. I don't know. I like to have life planned out and organized, and right now it is all hazy. Like a fog.
But I believe life will get better, and plans will become clearer... I just need to be patient.

So in a very vague and brief sort of way you have an update. Hah.