Saturday, June 25, 2011

native american ritual dancing wildness.

errr... not really.

But as a result of my new job I have found myself with feathered hair for the last few weeks. And by feathered I don't mean crazy eighties wildness... I literally mean I have feathers affixed to my hair.


Don't judge me. 

Also, you want to know what Raleigh and I do when we hang out?

mustache cat. 

Yeah, he probably thinks I need a better hobby. Oh well.... 

Monday, June 20, 2011

brothers. part deux.

Remember how I told you about my brothers a couple months ago?
(if not feel free to check it out)

One benefit I have discovered about moving back home is that I have had the opportunity to spend more time with said brothers, which has been quite nice. Some highlights of sibling bonding?
I was able to take Matthew to go get that driving permit I was telling you about. After the acquisition of his driving privileges we went out for a "celebration slushie"... no bigs deals.
slushie, driving permit, and itouch...
oh the life of a fourteen year old. 

Bijan and I have taken a few adventures... all over the state of Iowa, in fact (what we will do for our Apple products... psshht).
We all three got together and took some pictures together before Matthew flew off to Florida for the summer. Check out how good looking we are....


We like to have fun. And pick on Matthew.


In summation, it's been a sweet time to get to spend with my brothers.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

white screen of death.

Apparently that is the slang term of the illness that plagued my computer last weekend.

Technically my hard drive went into some catastrophic physical failure.

In "layla terms" (yeah, that's a real thing) it was a plague named "dang, layla really should have backed up her files before her computer forgot they ever existed" or maybe "layla's hard drive tried to run away, but it forgot that it was tightly enclosed in a plastic case"... I could go on... really. I've been thinking about it all week.

Alas, the Apple Genius who shall remain nameless (mostly because I forgot his name) brought my computer back to life; charging a nominal fee, and unable to recover my files. But it is back to life, never the less. So that's good, right?