Tuesday, May 31, 2011

kite flying.

Have I ever told you that I love flying kites?
Because I do.

Maybe it's because kite flying is invariably associated with beautiful weather in my mind. And I love beautiful weather.

Here are some of my favorite people flying kites....

So there you have it. I'm a sucker for going on a kite adventure. Also, Batman inspired kites.

Today is a prime kite flying day. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

a lapse in blogging.

Well hello there friends.

Sorry there has been an absence of my blogging presence, it's been a long and rough month.
Quick run through? 

Well for starters I've moved back home for the time being. It was a difficult decision to make, but I suppose I need to be all grown up and stuff. It'll be a good change to spend more time with my family, and I'll be saving moneys. So yeah, grown up. I've been working a lot. So yeah, grown up again. Look at me being all responsible. hah. So my friends, I ask that you would be praying for me? Transitions are not always fun.

The last Salt Company of the school year was last Wednesday. How wild is that?! I cannot believe that year one is now over, and it was a rewarding year. It was challenging at times, but I've made some wonderful friends. Said friends make this move home oh so difficult. But! Fear not, I now have a car that I am able to use... so both my Iowa City and Ames friends will be seeing more of my face than anticipated.

What's next? Summer summer summer! It feels like it's finally coming! I am ready for sun, I'm over rain.

That is my last month in a very small nutshell. If you want a more in-depth review, let's skype, write letters, or something... and be friends.