Thursday, March 31, 2011


I suppose I've always been slightly partial to the month of April, not only because it contains my birthday but because it always starts to warm up and really feel like spring (and I hate the cold, so any heat is welcome heat... even if it is rainy).


There are some things that I'm very excited about this years version of April... so here it goes... in no particular order....
-VEISHEA/birthday shenanigans. Where I will get to see Lauren, play bingo, see some sweet shows, and have a birthday party slumber party! What more could one want out of a weekend?! Last year's VEISHEA was memorable... but this year's is going to be pretty fantastic.
- Anthem is also happening soon, and it's going to be neat. You should go. I wasn't able to go to Anthem last semester (darned appendix), so I'm excited to be able to go this time around.
- Mission Creek drifted into the month of April, so it kind of counts? Right? Sure. The Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps show ended up making for a wonderful evening. And Joel McHale would have been pretty entertaining. Except for tickets sold out. Lame.
- Figuring out where exactly God wants me for the next few months of my life. Which is hard, but good. I know that it's a little vague, but could you be praying for me in that?

So yes. There it is.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

david bazan.

Last Friday I had the opportunity to see David Bazan at Tony and Alicia Streeter's home, right here in Iowa City. It was like a bunch of children sitting around listening to a story; we all sat, huddled around listening to him play for an hour and a half. I really enjoyed it. He was really quite personable, friendly, and open to conversation.
 After the show we repeatedly tried to sneak in a conversation or a picture. But everyone else was more committed, therefore it didn't really happen... this was as close as we got...
 And as we would move in closer (so as to hint that we wanted to visit with him too) those talking to him would huddle in even closer. But we had fun with it... haha... here we are with David Bazan.
It was a really enjoyable evening, and '17 year-old Layla' would be oh so proud of me.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Two blog posts in one day?! Why yes. I feel as though I've been slacking for the entire month of March. So here you go friends.

While everyone was off in far away lands for spring break, I was doing this:
No, not taking pictures of myself... knitting! I learned how to purl, so that was neat.

(Sorry, I don't like taking pictures of myself... therefore avoided directly looking at the camera. Typical.)


Grace is one of the most fascinating aspects of a relationship with God; it is so profoundly simple, yet such a huge concept to really grasp. We are constantly tempted to resist grace. God sees this resistance in us, and gives us more grace; "where sin increased, grace abounded all the more" (Romans 5:20). In a world where everything is so conditional and unpredictable God gives us an unconditional constant, which is all the more reason why it is so difficult to grasp... there is no comparison, no other culture or religion offers such an unwavering love.

God loves without logical justification.

On a similar note. Cale was baptized earlier this month, and it was awesome!